Shoppie Brushes

Unique and useful brushes for body shops. Like90 Shoppies are unlike any other brushes on the the market. The handles are all-plastic and there are no metal bales to scratch paintwork or damage molding.

The high-quality, stiff bristles last longer and won’t shed, making for clean lines when spreading seam sealer. Multiple sizes expand the number of potential applications. For example, the White Shoppie is just the right width for spreading seam sealer when repairing European cars. We’re sure you’ll find uses we haven’t even thought of!

3 Great Brushes:

  • Red Shoppie (2 inch)
  • White Shoppie (1.5 inch)
  • Black Shoppie (1 inch)

Available Options:

  • Shoppie Sample Pack- 1 of each (Stock #10056)
  • Black Shoppie Bulk Pack- 25 Black Shoppies (Stock #10057)
  • White Shoppie Bulk Pack – 25 White Shoppies (Stock #10058)
  • Red Shoppie Bulk Pack- 25 Red Shoppies (Stock #10059)
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