Clear View

Your booth like new, FAST! Use Like90 Clear View glass coating in conjunction with Like90 White Out to protect booth lights and windows.

  • No or minimal prep before application
  • Super long-lasting; overcoat between maintenance cycles
  • Peels off easily in large sheets
  • Water-based solution can be applied with conventional spray equipment
  • Levels to a smooth transparent film that won’t distort the booth’s lighting or the clarity of its windows
  • As glass surface become clouded with overspray, simply peel and reapply Clear View
  • Lays down flat to form a transparent film.
  • Non-hazardous and environmentally-friendly
  • VOC 60 g/l

Available Sizes:

  • 1-gal (Stock #10034)
  • 5 gal (Stock #10035)
  • Clean Booth Kit – 4 gal White Out and 1 quart Clear View (Stock #10031)


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