About Us

Bonding Solutions

Bonding Solutions is here to provide you with the products you know and trust, and some that you may have never heard of! Our top of the line, hand selected list of proven aftermarket products and materials are sure to impress even the highest quality shop. We offer a collection of premium, OEM approved, products that you won’t find anywhere else. You won’t find the name brand, mass-produced type of products with Bonding Solutions. We source innovative, unique, and successful niche products.

Our staff at Bonding Solutions knows and understands the automotive industry. Our team members aren’t out to sell you unknown products. They have used them firsthand and understand how they should be used.

Aside from our excellent collection of products, Bonding Solutions provides training and teaching to help your customers sell their products. We have team members that travel all over the country giving seminars, webinars, and custom training.

Our Team

Bonding Solutions is comprised of knowledgeable, talented, and dedicated team members. We are not a corporation. Each one of our members plays a vital role in the success of our business and that truly shows in our company as a whole. We are a collection of real people with real automotive experience. Our extensive background encompasses everything from body shop owners and painters, to sales and product specialists. When you choose Bonding Solutions, you are choosing experience, quality, and reliability every time!