Particle Control

Like90 Particle Control is clear water-based floor coating that traps dust and dirt circulating in the paint booth, keeping it on the floor and out of your paintwork. Applied with a standard pump sprayer, Particle Control is one of the fastest, easiest ways a shop can improve quality and profitability, by reducing the polishing needs to correct defects.

  • Neutralizes dust particles electrical charge so that it stops repelling other particles.
  • Dust particles mechanically lock on to the active ingredients in Particle Control like flies stick to fly paper
  • Transforms dust and other particles into “heavy dirt” that is easy to sweep up with a broom without putting it back into circulation
  • Long lasting formula only needs to be applied twice a day.
  • Ideal for shops with water-borne paint systems
  • Fast and easy to install and use.

Available Sizes:

  • 1-gal, 4 bottles per case(Stock #10008)
  • 5-gal (Stock #10009)
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